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Jimmie Johnson

My stepfather was a Grand Prix driver on the European circuit back in the ’40s and ’50s. Sterling Moss was his best friend and he drove with Briggs Cunningham. He took me to several races but I never had any interest in motor sports, and even today I know little about cars except how to turn on the ignition. I must confess I didn’t even watch his races.


Conrad Murray: The Character Defense

Thackeray captures the thought far better than me, but the sentiment is the same; the reason I started blogging was to re-examine the basic principles of trial work to see if they stand up to scrutiny. Character witnesses are a good example. My default position with them is to run as far as possible from them. Clients love the idea of character evidence, but are naive about the possible damage. I have witnessed too many disasters with them. I watched more than one experienced lawyer go down in flames with character witnesses.