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DSK: Has the Maid Bitten Off More than She Can Chew?

In an earlier article, I expressed disbelief that Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted the hotel maid by twice pushing his penis into her mouth. Not once but twice! Obviously that is a high risk maneuver. Read these news articles I just came across which nicely make my point.


Building a Team

Litigation is a team sport. In sports we know one star player is not enough to win. Even the great Lebron James can’t win without a team supporting him. Lebron left Cleveland to join a team because he learned the hard way he couldn’t win alone. His individual greatness led to multiple MVP awards but never a championship. It takes a team to win a championship. Dan Marino was a brilliant quarterback, the best passer of his generation, yet the Dolphins never had the right players to work with him and Marino never won a championship.


DSK the Octopus

In the blue corner, we have a 62-year-old economist, head of the IMF, putative president of France. I can’t tell his height and weight from the photos and TV, but he looks out of shape. And in the red corner, we have the maid from Guinea, also height and weight unknown, but 32 and athletic-looking; after all she does hard manual labor every day, and appears in a picture to be in pretty good shape.



“How glorious to be an American citizen. In so many countries, the rights of citizens are not worth the paper they are printed on. But here, any citizen—good, bad, indifferent, famous, infamous, or obscure—may call upon the courts to vindicate his constitutional rights and expect that call to be honored.”

These are the opening lines of an opinion by Judge Jed Rakoff granting bail to Marc Dreier, a lawyer indicted in a notorious theft case. Beautiful words reflecting an ideal that is many times more ephemeral than reality.