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Vest’s Dog

Vest’s Dog plaqueThe test of a great poet is the ability to craft a delicate sonnet. The structure of a sonnet requires a strict meter and cadence all contained within 14 lines. Great poets are able to construct beautiful images using this form. It reminds me of the final argument. It also is a strict form within which an artist may create beautiful and persuasive images. Unfortunately these artists are few and far between. Today we seemed to have lost the passion to create and perform great arguments.


Oliver Stone: Closing the Circle

Last week I discussed how documentaries teach us to use different types of media to keep the juries attention. Today I go the next step and show how Oliver Stone teaches how to make the most persuasive use of this media in a trial. In future posts I will get into storytelling and trial lawyers.


Documentaries and Persuasion

PBS recently repeated two episodes of Ken Burns’ epic masterpiece The Civil War, and it motivated me to write this post. I started this blog as a place to put in writing all the crazy ideas that float through my over-active brain. I find if I don’t force myself to write them, I forget all or part of them. Thus, I want to put down ideas like this which I have ruminated about for awhile.