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Voir Dire: 2014

We started the first trial in my law school class. The initial exercise was jury selection. I coached the students while they were standing in front of the jury box doing the exercise and later I sent the following notes to them:


Voir Dire: Teaching the Rules

“We don’t look alike. We don’t act alike. We don’t dress alike. We have different tastes in the food we eat, the books we read, the cars we drive, and the music we enjoy. You like opera; I like country. We have dissimilar backgrounds, goals, and motivations. We work at different jobs, and we enjoy different hobbies. You like rock climbing; I like Harleys. We ascribe to a variety of philosophies and differ over politics. We have our own unique convictions on child-rearing and education. Our weights vary. Our heights vary. So does the color of our skin. So why should we think alike?”