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The attorneys and staff at Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf believe in giving back to the community. Helping those in need is a philosophy of the firm.

For years Roy Black and his wife, Lea, organized annual charity galas to benefit ICARE Bay Point Schools, Inc.  Eventually becoming known as The Blacks' Annual Gala their events raised several million dollars for the unique Bay Point Schools alternative boarding school that rehabilitates at-risk teenage boys through a dedicated focus on education, strong leadership and accountability.

After those many years of successful fundraising for Bay Point Schools, the Blacks created their own charitable organization, The Consequences Charity, still known as The Blacks' Annual Gala. This charity is dedicated to reducing adolescent criminal behavior and supporting communities with proactive intervention programs that promote lasting change by positively impacting the lives of vulnerable youth and their families.

About The Consequences Charity and Foundation

The Consequences Charity and Foundation are a 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to creating a better community by reducing juvenile crime and incarceration.  The Consequences Charity was founded by Lea Black, whose continuied focus has been to empower youth through education, after-school activities, counseling and intervention. The Foundation's mission is to provide educational resources and experiences for at-risk youth that include scholarships, vocational training, camps, workshops and after school activities encompassing dynamic curriculums that address culture, the arts, life skills as well as workforce preparation. The organization is working to support transformational learning in the form of prevention, intervention and in lieu of incarceration. Their goal is to eliminate criminal behavior and make the world a better place . . . one kid at a time.

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