Solange Knowles hires famous local attorney

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Beyonce’s little sister has hired an well-known South Florida attorney after she said an officer allegedly pulled a weapon on her. 

Solange Knowles hired famous South Florida attorney Roy Black in the case where a Miami Beach Police officer allegedly pulled a weapon on Knowles, the younger sister of pop star Beyonce Knowles. “Solange has retained us, asked us to look into this. We are investigating it. There are obviously some disturbing elements to this, but we intend to take a very close look and look at the witnesses to then determine what type of action to take,” said Black.

According to Knowles, she was outside a Miami Beach club called Cameo over the weekend when she was denied access to the club because officers claimed, she was carrying a five-foot inflatable banana.

Knowles said she was then taken by officers across the street where, she claimed, an officer pulled a knife on her to deflate the banana.

Knowles immediately took the alleged incident to social media. She wrote the following to her Twitter followers: “A police officer just pulled a weapon on me. I have done nothing illegal, against the law or anything of the sort.”

According to the officer’s file, he was suspended for an incident in 2004 for the use of force, and in 2005 he was suspended 120 hours for an allegation of use of force.

Black said they are conducting an extensive investigation and examining the officer’s file. “Sometimes there are officers who will, for one reason or another, overstep their boundaries, and I understand the officer here has an extensive IA file,” said Black. “We are obviously going to request public records and examine that, and, if its warranted, we intend to take further action, and Solange said she wants to file a complaint.”

Over the past months, several Miami Beach officers have made headlines, including one officer who was arrested for drinking on the job and running over a tourist with an ATV.

Black said his client wants justice. “She said, ‘Look, I made the statement that I want to file this, and I know people are saying why waste your time and money and effort in doing this, but I think it’s necessary. I think what was done was wrong,'” he said.

The officer’s name has not been made public because the official complaint was not been processed.