A responsible law firm must clearly state its principles, allowing clients to intelligently decide whether that law firm is right for them. We specialize in representing individuals and companies confronting the vast power of the government and law enforcement in criminal defense matters and with high stakes at risk in civil lawsuits. We are dedicated to assisting those in the darkest hour of their lives, facing the possibility of losing family, fortune, freedom, or even life itself.

In order to meet this challenge, we design a team, aggregating and deploying lawyers, paralegals, and staff according to their skills and the case facts. To assist us, we have on-call a pool of private investigators, trial consultants, and forensic experts (criminalists, photographers, engineers, physicians, and psychiatrists to name just a few). We seek to meet the challenges fact for fact. Our strengths lie in preparation, investigation, motion practice, and trial presentation.

We have a collaborative relationship with our clients who we encourage to actively participate in their defense, help gather information and organize it for trial. To contend with the technological demands of the 21st-century courtroom, Black Srebnick fully utilizes specialized computer software for knowledge management.