UBS Tax Investigations

We expect there will be many tax prosecutions as a result of the government’s actions against UBS. Several US taxpayers have plead guilty to tax crimes and the IRS criminal investigation chief has commented this is just “the tip of the iceberg.” The Southern District of Florida has been ground zero for most of this enforcement action and we expect a flood of cases to occur here. The UBS matter is the first off-shore bank the government has targeted. We believe there will be many others.

It is clear from the UBS settlements that this is a top priority with the current administration. Some people may avoid criminal prosecution by going to the IRS under the Voluntary Disclosure Program and paying taxes, fees, and fraud penalties. But people who are not eligible for this Program will face the government in a serious criminal prosecution and are looking at a number of years in prison. Our office has put together a team of lawyers and forensic accountants to assist people who have this problem, who are not eligible for the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program, and who find themselves having to deal with a possible criminal prosecution.

Few things can be as frightening as going up against the IRS, the Department of Justice, and all the power of the United States government. We have the experience, track record, and commitment to help you in this trying time. If you have any questions, call our managing partner Scott Kornspan at 305-371-6421.