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Cross Examination Under Control

One reason, among many, why I love our adversary system of justice is that it gives us one public place where we can rationally and politely debate very serious matters. What could be more serious than decisions that affect a person’s wealth, business, family, freedom and even their very life? Imagine a trial where the state is seeking custody of your child? Yet generally speaking we do so in a calm and respectful way. When we fail this rule we risk disaster.


The High-Tech Lynching of Barry Bonds

Imagine your worst nightmare. An ex-lover testifying in open court, with all the salacious details spread around the world, that you transformed yourself into a genetically engineered replicant who was violent, impotent, and testicularly challenged, while your mother and family are sitting right behind you. I think I would rather plead guilty than suffer this […]


Bring Me the Head of Barry Bonds

Headhunting, in ancient cultures, was the taking of an enemy’s head after killing them. It was a matter of prestige. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Today it has a new twist as the popular sport of a certain type of prosecutor. Monday the absurd drama of the Barry Bonds trial […]