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Casey: The 403 Strategy

I am not obsessively into the Casey Anthony trial as many people are; I have my own cases to work on, but interesting evidentiary issues keep popping up. This happens in hotly contested trials like this because the lawyers are pushing every advantage. Just a small edge can win a trial. But it also can lose a trial.


The 403 Balancing Test

This weekend I wrote a piece on the Casey Anthony prosecutors using an animated video which opened with Caylee as a beatific child and then slowly morphed her face into the skull found in the woods. An ugly and brutal exhibit. One which, in my opinion, did not belong in the trial. If the prosecution had a strong case against her, they didn’t need to stoop this low. However, this piece of evidence is the type I love to use in my law school class. As they say, it is a teaching moment.


The Casey Anthony Video Debacle

There was a photograph entered into evidence in the Casey Anthony trial on Friday, June 10, 2011. The photo shows Caylee Anthony and her mother Casey. An expert witness used this photo to superimpose an image of Caylee’s skull to mark supposedly where duct tape found on the remains would have been positioned on her face while alive.