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Searching for Sugar Man

There is something about this film, I can’t stop telling people to see it. It is unbelievable. One of a kind. Thrilling. It sends chills down your spine. Literally. What a story. If the facts were not so well documented I would think this story was made up. It sounds too good to be true but it is. And that is what makes it compulsive viewing. [SugarManPoster]


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I voraciously devoured all three books and the Swedish films of the Millennium trilogy so I can comfortably be counted as a hopeless Steig Larsson fanboi. But this is not about the new Hollywood film but rather the review by A. O. Scott in the New York Times. Actually Scott’s article is more a psychoanalytic study of Lisbeth Salander and Swedish society than a review of the film but I recommend it because of it’s sparkling wit.


Observing: Part Two

Yesterday was a slow day, and while flipping channels, I stumbled across “The Zero Effect.” I enjoyed the film in its all-too-short theatrical release about thirteen years ago, and enjoyed it again, but I had forgotten the whimsical insights on the art of observing and deduction. The parallels between Daryl Zero and Sherlock Holmes are obvious. The story itself is almost a re-make of “A Scandal in Bohemia.” But my interest is more in the observational techniques of Detective Zero, self-proclaimed as the “greatest observer the world has ever known.”