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The Business of Persuasion (Part 3)

I started this blog because I wanted a forum and a reason to put my ideas in some comprehensible form and on paper (or at least the electronic version). I knew the rigors of this discipline would force me to vigorously examine my ideas and in turn enhance my skills. This set of blogs on […]


The Business of Persuasion (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my thesis that business books on persuasion, selling and marketing are the almost perfect guidebooks for trial lawyers. This is not to mean one must slavishly follow every principle set forth in these books. They have great ideas which must be adjusted for our use. We are not presenting in […]


The Business of Persuasion

Do you want to be a good speaker? Do you want to give memorable closing arguments? Do you want to give exciting public speeches? It can be done, but only through “blood, sweat and tears.” Persuasive speaking is not a god-given talent but a skill that can be mastered just like so many other aspects […]