Category: Demonstrative Evidence

Final Argument: Electronic Presentations

Modern juries, spoiled by TV and CSI, want to see the evidence not just listen to a talking head describing it. This link takes you to a creation (not a recreation) of the prosecution’s final argument in the Oklahoma City bombing case. I call it a creation because it doesn’t attempt to duplicate the actual argument but instead it presents the damning web of circumstantial evidence through a quite compelling video presentation. Proof we are only limited by our imagination in delivering a story through graphics.


Zimmerman Opening: Recency

As I wrote in my last post, recency, the last words the jury hears, carries persuasive power. John Guy made the most of it in his concluding sentences: “We are confident at the end of this trial you will know in your head, in your heart and your stomach that George Zimmerman did not shoot […]


Documentaries and Persuasion

PBS recently repeated two episodes of Ken Burns’ epic masterpiece The Civil War, and it motivated me to write this post. I started this blog as a place to put in writing all the crazy ideas that float through my over-active brain. I find if I don’t force myself to write them, I forget all or part of them. Thus, I want to put down ideas like this which I have ruminated about for awhile.