Richard Sharpstein: A Tape Surfaces

January 13, 2014 Criminal Defense

In my post about Richard’s particular skill in presenting final arguments, I lamented there was no video tape of his courtroom performances. Fortunately I was partially wrong: Dore Louis, an excellent criminal defense lawyer and friend, emailed me an audio clip of a Sharpstein final argument. Dore started his career at the State Attorney’s Office and prosecuted a case against Richard. He describes Richard’s final argument:

“He was kicking at fake tires, showing a car, looking at the sky – really great. So great, that I ordered it when he did it. I have the original, which is of better quality, this portion is only a few minutes long.”

Unfortunately the audio tape fails to show Richard physically acting out his argument. It was the acting, using the physical space of the courtroom for his stage, that set Richard apart. Richard created a body of work with his final arguments. They are unique and worthy of preservation. I think it is what he would like to be remembered for.

If anyone else has any tape, transcript or even just an anecdote of a Sharpstein final argument please send it to me. I want to create a Sharpstein Archive in memory of a great trial lawyer and as a resource for other trial lawyers.

Sharpstein Closing Argument Audio